July 12, 2016

Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition


Sign the petition on-line: https://wh.gov/iFCAb

July 6 – August 5, 2016

We the people ask the administration to bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the twenty-nine American Citizens killed at the Thiokol Chemical Plant on February 3, 1971.

  1. Celia A. Alberta
  2. Ethel L. Banks
  3. Annie C. Booth
  4. Gloria W. Booth
  5. Bertha Walker Brunswick
  6. Bettie R. Dawson Burch
  7. Charles Burch
  8. James L. Chapman
  9. Yvonne Marie Connelly
  10. Jack Cox
  11. Mae Hazel Davis
  12. Mildred Davis
  13. Howard Ellis, Sr.
  14. Willie M. Austell Fuller
  15. Pearlie M. Young Hutchinson
  16. Annie M. Hutchinson James
  17. Mack Kennedy
  18. Essie D. Green King
  19. Gracie Mae Small Life
  20. Bertha M. Hill
  21. Charles T. Monak
  22. James Parland
  23. Sandra Regina Rauls
  24. Cyrus Demory Roberson
  25. Betty Jean Roberts
  26. Lillie Bell Spells
  27. Cheryl M. Sullivan
  28. Mae Alice Taylor
  29. Annie Lois Williams

The Petition:

Posthumously award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the 29 Thiokol Chemical Plant Workers.

Twenty-nine civilian Thiokol Chemical Plant workers sacrificed their lives in Woodbine, Georgia on February 3, 1971 and are deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  This brave, predominately female workforce was dedicated to the mission of manufacturing and supplying US soldiers with munitions for conflict in Vietnam.   The 81mm, trip flares, CS-gas, and other materials of their hazardous labor caused the escalation of a small fire resulting in an explosion that claimed the 29 lives. Their effort in the defense of democracy and the liberation of South Vietnam exemplifies their resilience, patriotism and dedication.  They are role models who leave a valued legacy of love and respect for the freedom of all mankind.