August 29, 2015

Thiokol Memorial Project Seal

thiokol_logo_color_500The Official Seal/Logo of the Thiokol Victims Memorial Project (TVMP) was designed by Jasan Palmer of Premier Printing with the cooperation of the TVMP founder, Jannie Everette, was approved for TVMP review on October 14, 2014. After deep reflection the organization’s name and thus its logo was changed from Thiokol Victims Memorial Project (TVMP) to Thiokol Memorial Project, Inc. (TMP) on March 3, 2015 to fully depict its mission.

The seal is enclosed in a golden circle representing GOD. The yellow Sun breaking through the grey clouds symbolizes GOD’s Grace and Mercy. The gray clouds symbolize the trials, tribulation, and perils the Thiokol Plant Workers endured. The yellow rays radiating down symbolizes all the co-workers, first responders (military & civilian), and medical personnel and facilities which assisted during the disaster and recovery. The “TMP” in purple signifies the “True Believers” and encompasses the zeal of our country, “living in brotherly affection and making another human being cause our own.” The brown surface beneath “TMP” represents the land this nation inherited from its ancestors. The land is engraved with the date of the disaster February 3, 1971.