Thiokol Memorial National Park

Our national memorials represent some of the most inspiring, courageous, and triumphant stories in our nation’s history. They also represent hardship, injustice, struggle, and hope. Collectively, these stories illustrate who we are as a nation. But a vital story has been omitted from our national memorials, one which tells of great loss, great sacrifice and[…]

Documentary: Patriots & Heroes

In our continuing effort to Remember – Honor – Educate, Thiokol Memorial Project has partnered with Executive Producer, Marwan Granville of Pendulum Studios LA to create a documentary. The documentary will feature the first-hand account of the former Thiokol Plant Workers, Family Members of the workers that perished, First Responders, and Health Providers involved in[…]

45th Anniversary Commemorative Service

THIOKOL PLANT EXPLOSION February 3, 1971 Woodbine, Georgia The Events of February 3, 1971 will be commemorated at the Wildcat Stadium in Kingsland, Georgia during an Official 45th Anniversary Commemorative Service on February 3, 2016 at 10:00am. The program will include musical tributes, reading of the names of the workers, the lighting of the candles[…]