August 15, 2021

Our Goals


  • Annual Commemorative Observance on February 3rd of each year {Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony}
  • Georgia Legislature/General Assembly adoption of a resolution declaring and proclaiming February 3rd an official Day of Remembrance for the Thiokol Explosion Plant Workers and First Responders
  • Dedication of Georgia Interstate 95, Exit 7 in memory of the 30 Fallen Patriots of Thiokol
  • Renaming of Harrietts Bluff Road to “Patriots Parkway” in honor of the 600 Woodbine Thiokol Plant Workers
  • Camden County School Board decree through resolution a moment of silence at 10:53 AM each February 3rd at all Camden County Schools
  • 30 Fallen Patriots of Thiokol posthumously bestowed the Presidential Freedom Award and Congressional Gold Medal
  • 30 Fallen Patriots of Thiokol honored within the National Vietnam Memorial Education Center
  • Five-year plan to continue planning and raising funds


  • 50th Anniversary {February 3, 2021} Ceremony.
  • Unveil newly constructed Monument, Educational Center and Museum.