June 27, 2018

Our Pledge

We, Thiokol Memorial Project, Inc. strive together in the spirit of oneness as an instrument of inspiration educating mankind about the Thiokol history which yields strength and motivates change to people of all ages. We carry out of mission to humanity through a commitment to be the most authentic and trusted resource of the Thiokol Era.
We pledge to look beyond self, sit aside all forms of selfishness and pettiness. Embrace the contributions and service of these great Americans and share these attributes with mankind. Our Annual Observance is a time to reflect upon the legacy and remember the incredible men and women that joined together, respecting each other’s diversity and talents and made the world better than they found it.

1. Advancing the Legacy of the Thiokol Patriots’ contribution and service to our nation and to mankind.

2. Sharing and embracing the Service, Good Deeds, and Compassion of the Heroes which risked their lives to save the Patriots.